How to Visit the 'Yellowstone' Filming Locations? (2024)

If we could summarize 2023 in three words, they would be: Yellowstone, Yellowstone, and, again... Yellowstone. For more reasons than not, the hit Western-series was a hot topic throughout the year, but instead of diving into all of the gossip of the show ending and upcoming spinoffs, we'll focus on one of the *many* great things about the show: its filming locations! We absolutely love the cast and riveting plots, but the show owes a lot of its appeal to its stunning scenery and cinematography.

While we get ready to binge every single existing episode of Yellowstone (and shows like Yellowstone) while we await the series finale, we thought we'd go ahead and discuss the real star of the show: the gorgeous Dutton Ranch! Set on sprawling fields with looming mountains and clear blue skies, the Dutton Ranch is the perfect backdrop for the intense neo-Western series. So, now you might be wondering: Where is Yellowstone filmed? And does it actually look like that in real life? (The answer to that question is yes!) Here's everything you need to know about the real-life ranch where Yellowstone is filmed.

Where is Yellowstone filmed?

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It's no secret that the majority of Yellowstone is shot outdoors. The show is based around a working cattle ranch in Montana. But, surprisingly, most of seasons 1 to 3 were filmed in the state of Utah, where the actual Yellowstone National Park reigns. In fact, The Salt Lake Tribune reported that 70 to 75 percent of seasons 1 to 3 were filmed across the state of Utah. Marshall Moore, the VP of Operations over at Utah Film Studios, once told Deseret News that Yellowstone "was the largest show that has ever come to the state of Utah."

To get a little more specific: Park City, Ogden, and Spanish Fork were all prominent locations for production of the show.

Though, it's important to note that this information does not include scenes at the fictional Broken Rock Indian Reservation. Instead, these scenes were filmed at the Crow Indian Reservation, located in southern Montana. And if we're mapping it out, you'd be on the road for 7 hours when driving from the reservation to the show's ranch.

Is the Dutton Ranch real?

These days, the Yellowstone cast spends most of their time in Montana to film on a real-life ranch in the state where the show is meant to take place. The Dutton family's gorgeous log cabin is actually a 5,000-square foot mansion located on Chief Joseph Ranch near Darby, Montana. Just like on TV, it's a real working cattle ranch and family home—and it's totally stunning, of course.

"On the ranch, we're actually filming where it's actually set. It's almost like the most central character," Kevin said in an interview with Vanity Fair. "You step outside and you see running horses and men working and the weather dictates what you do."

When Yellowstone is not filming on the 2,500-acre ranch, the owners rent out some of the cabins on the property to visitors. Guests can spend their time fishing, horseback riding, and hiking through the area's beautiful mountains. (All while fantasizing about Kevin Costner showing up, of course.)

Is Yellowstone filmed in Montana?

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Season 4 and season 5 part 1 stirred up plenty of new drama, but outside of that, did you notice the change of scenery from the first three seasons? According to The Salt Lake Tribune, season 4 was filmed almost exclusively in Montana. The decision to stop any production in Utah was largely financial, because the state's "limited tax incentive program will not provide [the show] with the same rebates" they previously received.

The same is to be said for season 5 as well—at least part 1! There were a handful of different Montana cities used in the first half of the most recent season (which aired back in November 2022). More specifically, Helena, Montana—the state's actual capital—was an important location used. This is where Beth’s office scenes take place! (That would make sense, if you think about it.)

Is Yellowstone filmed in Texas?

Yellowstone fans in Texas got the surprise of a lifetime when the show's cast and crew showed up in their small town to shoot at a local cafe for season 4.

Mary Anderson, the owner of Mary's Brazos Cafe in Parker County, North Texas, "couldn't believe it was actually happening."

"The street on the other side [of the cafe] was lined up with my customers watching and trying to see what was going on," Mary told Outsider. "It was awesome."

When asked why he decided to film at Mary's, Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan told local news it was "because that's where we have breakfast when I'm here."

And now that we know Sheridan's new show 6666 is based on a ranch in Texas, this makes a whole lot more sense!

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How to Visit the 'Yellowstone' Filming Locations? (2024)


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