Where Is 'Yellowstone' Filmed? All About the Real-Life Ranch and More Locations (2024)

When Taylor Sheridan introduced viewers to the world of Yellowstone, he sparked curiosity about everything regarding the show, including where it was filmed.

Most of the series' first three seasons were shot in Utah, not far from Yellowstone National Park. Elsewhere in the state, Park City, Ogden and Spanish Fork are all real-life locations where the Yellowstone cast portrayed their award-winning characters, including Kevin Costner.

In 2020, the filming of Yellowstone moved north to Montana to take advantage of a new tax program offered by the state, according to the Salt Lake City Tribune.

Apart from the financial aspect, it was also home to the real-life Chief Joseph Ranch, the setting for the Dutton family’s ranch in the Paramount Network show. Enthusiastic fans can even stay at the ranch when cameras aren't rolling.

The relocation also prompted Yellowstone cast member Luke Grimes, who plays Kayce Dutton in the series, to move to Montana. As he told Cowboys & Indians Magazine in October 2022, “First season, I never would've thought I would've ended up living here, but man, I'm in heaven.”

So, where is Yellowstone filmed? Here's everything to know about where the drama shoots its scenic episodes.

Where is Yellowstone filmed?

Roughly 75 percent of the first three seasons of Yellowstone were filmed outdoors in Utah, only hours from Yellowstone National Park. In addition to Park City, Ogden and Spanish Fork, Yellowstone was also filmed in Heber City, Oakley, Kamas, Grantsville and Logan.

Speaking with Deseret News in December 2021, Moore said it "was the largest show that has ever come to the state of Utah.”

Production moved to Montana for season 4, but the show continued to shoot outdoors at Chief Joseph Ranch. Yellowstone was filmed at other locations that are open to the public. For example, the interior scenes of Beth’s office are shot at the State Capitol Building in Helena, Montana.

There were more private settings, though. Scenes of the Broken Rock Indian Reservation were captured on the real-life Crow Indian Reservation, which is outside of Billings, Montana, and takes up 2 million acres. The show’s production team asked the Crow Nation tribal chairman, Alvin "A.J." Not Afraid Jr., for permission to film before securing the spot.

Sheridan expressed his gratitude to Not Afraid at an event for the series premiere in 2018. "Thank you for allowing me to tell a story, to shoot on your land and for all the guidance and advise, thank you very much,” he said, per Variety.

Is the Dutton Ranch real?

Where Is 'Yellowstone' Filmed? All About the Real-Life Ranch and More Locations (2)

It might go by a different name, but Dutton Ranch is a real place in Montana. The Dutton family’s 5,000-square-foot log house is a massive home on Chief Joseph Ranch in the town of Darby — and a real family lives and works there every day.

During a June 2022 cast interview for the show, Costner described the Bitterroot Valley, where Darby is located, as "historical" and shared that when the show started, Chief Joseph Ranch hadn't been discovered yet.

The actor felt like they "lucked out" with the eventual filming spot, saying, "They saw something that stuck, and so this ranch has just served as another character, might as well have a voice for itself."

According to its owners, it started with a "cold call." An anecdote on their website reads, "We did not have the ranch listed as a film location. We are humbled and honored that Paramount chose our ranch as the setting of this amazing series."

Can you stay at the Dutton Ranch in real life?

Where Is 'Yellowstone' Filmed? All About the Real-Life Ranch and More Locations (3)

Fans of Yellowstone can travel to the Chief Joseph Ranch and stay for at least three nights in a cabin on the property — provided the show isn’t filming.

Guests are welcome to stay longer with the option to rent out “Lee Dutton’s Cabin” for $1,400 per night for up to 4 guests (the cabin can sleep up to 8 for an extra charge). Meanwhile, “Rip’s Cabin” is $1,700 per night for up to 4 guests (and can sleep up to 8 for an extra charge). Each cabin has a full kitchen, grill, and washer and dryer for laundry.

As for booking a stay at the main house, the owners made it into their private family home when they bought it in 2012. That said, every reservation includes a tour of the ranch and Yellowstone sets.

If visitors want to drive by the ranch without spending the night, they are allowed to take a photo of the Dutton Ranch sign at the gate as long as production isn't happening.

Why did production move to Montana for seasons 4 and 5?

Where Is 'Yellowstone' Filmed? All About the Real-Life Ranch and More Locations (4)

Paramount decided to move production of Yellowstone to Montana in large part so that the team could take advantage of a tax credit offered by the state. As reported by The Missoulian in November 2020, Montana passed a $10 million tax credit law the year prior.

Perhaps no one has benefitted from the switch as much as local business owners, who have seen an increase in sales and tourism since the show moved northward. In addition to the extra income generated by the show’s presence, businesses and residents have been able to enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to film the show.

Cortney Bergeson, whose company TC Glass supplied production with tempered glass for windows, told the outlet that her team replaced the glass the show used three times. “They pulled a guy through a window facing Brooks. We’d run up and replace it every time they broke it out. It was really cool,” she said.

Bergeson added, “It was fun to see all that. The whole crew was really awesome. We got to talk to all the actors. Everyone was really friendly."

Where Is 'Yellowstone' Filmed? All About the Real-Life Ranch and More Locations (2024)


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